Sonntag, 28. Juli 2013

Open Letter

We, the undersigned, hereby call on our governments, national parliaments and the European institutions to: Reject unjustified and disproportionate surveillance measures. Ensure respect for the fundamental right to privacy and informational self-determination. Prioritise both rights on a national and an international level as well as via appropriate measures in the General Data Protection Regulation, the upcoming Directive and corresponding rules for the European institutions. Ensure high levels of protection of privacy and redress mechanisms against surveillance measures by third countries in international agreements. Ensure that personal data that are collected and processed in the EU may only be transferred to authorities or organisations in third countries via mutual legal assistance treaties that contain adequate legal safeguards. Ensure the right to confidentiality by ensuring the integrity of information technology systems. Ensure that international cooperation between law enforcement, judicial bodies and intelligence services is not used to circumvent legal protections of fundamental rights. Immediately disclose all treaties, laws and activities affecting the right to informational self-determination of individuals residing in the respective state and the EU. Legally and financially penalise the violation of privacy of individuals by domestic companies as well as by non-EU states and companies residing in non-EU countries. Introduce an obligation to issue individual notifications to individuals affected by the enforcement of personal computer surveillance measures, whether conducted by law enforcement authorities or intelligence services. Actively promote free and open source projects for digital self-defence and promote the use of this technology. Abandon all surveillance measures currently taking place outside the rule of law. Guarantee legal protections for whistleblowers who expose social grievances, misconduct or illegal activities.

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