Donnerstag, 16. März 2017

March 2017 Update Letter

New Campaign in the Works
Dear friends and supporters;
Just a note to keep you updated on our new office & work in Fargo, will send pictures of our office in next letter. Hope you like the one the 3 of us took together in Coleman.
Leonard will be eligible for a transfer in Mid-April and we are exploring the possibilities of him applying for an FCI-Federal Correction Institution- that is a step down from a USP Penitentiary, and depending on health we are looking at some of the Federal Medical Facilities. As soon as Leonard submits his request we will be asking you to send a letter supporting his transfer. We will send you all the necessary information to write the letter in your own words regarding his: health, closeness of family or age. Any or all of the reasons work for us and hope one works for you as well.
We have a nice office in the Native American Center, which is a huge help in making the rent each month but any donations towards office supplies or even frequent flyer miles to help with the expense to visit Leonard at least once a month would be wonderful.
We have been working on updating the website and if you check it out you will see that we have a new Pay Pal button, which will make it easier for you to donate. See we do listen it just takes a while to learn a new site. Any other suggestions will be taken into consideration as we are looking to update the front page. Colors, typeface, logo send us your opinion as we want to make the website as user friendly as possible.
We also ask that all the support groups please email us with your most recent contact information. The support group email address is
Thank you for all your help and support, and if you have any questions or comments call us at the office 701-293-4806 & if we miss your call we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Paulette & Kari Ann
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