Mittwoch, 17. Dezember 2014


> Strengthening INTERPOL > > Combating political abuse of INTERPOL ‘wanted person’ alerts > > Monday 8 December 2014, 12:45-14:15 > > Lunch provided > > European Parliament, room A5E-1 > > Please RSVP to > > To comment via Twitter: #InterpolEU > > Countries across the world including Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Venezuela and China are using this system to pursue EU-recognised refugees, making INTERPOL’s systems unreliable at a time of urgent need for effective cooperation systems. One year ago, the European Commission agreed to contact INTERPOL to explore the need for reform of INTERPOL’s ‘wanted person’ alerts system; yet no update has yet been received. Join us for this event to hear from victims of political uses of INTERPOL and to discuss the role of the European Union in helping INTERPOL tackle this issue. > > Panel of speakers hosted by Judith Sargentini MEP, including: > > > > > - Bahar Kimyongür (Turkey) > > Belgian / Turkish activist who spent 100 days in detention in the Netherlands, Spain and Italy due to an INTERPOL alert issued by the Turkish authorities over a peaceful demonstration held in the European Parliament back in 2001. > > - Azer Samadov (Azerbaijan) > > Azeri refugee in the Netherlands wanted for ‘mass disorder’ who has waited nearly five years for INTERPOL to respond to his request for the alert against him to be removed (video testimony). > > - Alma Shalabayeva (Kazakhstan) > > Kazakh refugee expelled with her daughter from Italy at Kazahstan’s request circulated through INTERPOL, in violation of domestic and international law. > > - Nikolay Koblyakov (Russia) > > Russian activist at risk of arrest in the EU due to an INTERPOL alert despite the courts of Bulgaria rejecting Russia’s extradition request as politically-motivated (video testimony). > > > > Fair Trials is grateful to its funders for its INTERPOL work, including: > > Alex Tinsley > > Law Reform Officer, Fair Trials > Tel: +32 (0)2 743 85 93 > > > > > > _______________________________________________ Clea mailing list Pour nous écrire :

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