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Solidaritätskampagne für die Arbeiter von NXP auf den Philippinen

19.08.14 - Die philippinische Solidaritätsorganisation "Defend Job Philippines" setzt sich mit einem Aufruf für die Unterstützung des Kampfs der Arbeiter des Halbleiterkonzerns NXP ein. Sie kämpfen für eine Lohnsteigerung, für die Festeinstellung von mehr als 1.500 Leiharbeitern, für das Recht sich zu organisieren und für die Wiedereinstellung ihrer 24 seit Mai ungesetzlich entlassenen Gewerkschaftsführer. Davon betroffen ist der gesamte Vorstand der Gewerkschaft der NXP-Arbeiter. NXP Semiconductors ist ein niederländischer Halbleiterhersteller. Seine zehn größten Abnehmer sind Apple, Bosch, Continental, Delphi, Gemalto, Giesecke & Devrient, Huawei, Nokia, Siemens Netz, Samsung und ZTE. Hier der Aufruf von "Defend Job Philippines" in englischer Sprache. Respect right to work. Reinstate all illegally dismissed union leaders of NXP Semiconductors Workers. A call for solidarity for NXP Semiconductors Workers in the Philippines Defend Job Philippines strongly expresses solidarity to all workers of NXP Semiconductors for wage increase, regularization of more than 1500 contractual workers, right to organize and collectively bargain and for the reinstatement of 24 illegally and unjustly dismissed union leaders. NXP Semiconductors is the former Royal Philippines Electronics–a multinational company based in the Netherlands. The majority stocks of NXP are owned by giant private equity consortium composed of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co., Silver Lake Partners, Bain Capital, Apax Partners and AlpInvest Partners NV which makes NXP a portfolio company of the consortium. A private equity firm do business by buying and selling stocks or companies. Their capital comes from pension plans, universities, insurance companies, foundations, endowments and money from rich families or individuals. The top 10 largest customers of NXP are Apple, Bosch, Continental, Delphi, Gemalto, Giesecke & Devrient, Huawei, Nokia, Siemens Network, Samsung and ZTE. ILLEGAL AND UNJUST DISMISSAL OF 24 UNION LEADERS On May 5, 2014, NXP management illegally dismissed the whole leadership of the NXP Workers Union. They were charged of not reporting to work on April 9-Day of Valor, April 18 and 19-Maundy Thursday and Holy Friday, which are declared as non-working holidays every year. Subsequently, the management unilaterally terminated the Collective Bargaining Agreement, froze the union’s bank account and filed charges before the court against the union leaders and threatened the workers to accept the 3.5% or P25 wage increase, otherwise there will be no CBA at all. Since December 2013, the union had CBA negotiations with the NXP management. After eight long months, the negotiation is now in deadlock due to the refusal of NXP management to give the demands of the workers. We strongly stand that the demands of NXP workers in their Collective Bargaining Agreement for 8% wage increase, regularization of 1500 contractual workers and for other legitimate rights and welfare is just and right. Without the workers, there can be no semiconductors which are used for automotive, identification, wireless infrastructure, lighting, industrial, mobile, consumer and computing applications. NXP’S OPEX REDUCTION PROGRAM AIMS SUPER PROFIT Being the leading semiconductors company in the world, NXP is one of the most profitable companies. On 2013, it has a global revenue of $4.82 billion, 64% of which was derived from Asia. It has paid a total compensation of $4,668,455 which includes salary, bonus, restricted awards and other form on 2013 to its Chief Executive Officer. And €9,290,000 total incentive and aggregate compensation of $7 800 000 on 2012 for the fourteen-man management team in its Netherlands office. Yet, it consistently ignores the demand for P60 or $1.39 daily or equivalent to only $353.6 or P15 600 a year for a worker who labored day and night and significantly contribute their strength and wisdom to attain the company’s goals. NXP has declared on April 2012, that they acquired and secured the Dutch electronic design and IP company Catena Group for a purchase price of $20 million. However, it refuses to give job security to thousands of contractual workers. We condemn the OPEX Reduction Program which is behind this anti-worker policy of NXP. Implemented on 2012, NXP massively laid off workers in Europe and US and massively implemented flexible labor in its production centers in Asia. In the Philippines, regular workers are replaced with contractual workers. Out of the more than 5000 workforce, NXP hired more than 1700 contractual or temporary workers with no right to wage increase, no benefits and have no right to join unions and to be covered by collective bargaining agreement. The dismissal of the 24 union leaders is a vital part of this program– the grand union busting plan of NXP against NXP Workers Union, an affiliate of labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno. No less, the ultimate goal is to gain SUPER PROFITS. VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS We believe that NXP’s refusal to take heed of the calls of its workers and the repression it commits against its workers run counter to their own Code of Conduct which states “NXP is responsible for providing a work environment in which ethics, integrity, and trustworthiness are accepted and shared, not just among ourselves but with all our stakeholders, including the communities in which we operate and work. We support the aim of the International Labor Organization (ILO) to arrive at universally accepted labor standards and have therefore adopted internal procedures and guidelines with respect to the topics discussed below.” Also in their non-discrimination provision, “We will not tolerate any kind of harassment or discrimination based on, among other things, race, color, gender, religion, age, pregnancy, sexual orientation, or political affiliation. NXP recognizes the freedom of employees to establish or join an organization of their choice and will respect this right.” In their remuneration provision, “Our remuneration shall be consistent with the provisions of all applicable wage laws, including those relating to minimum wage, overtime hours, and legally mandated benefits. Any disciplinary wage deductions must be in accordance with local law. We shall be informed about the composition of our pay and benefits, in a detailed and clear manner, prior to employment. Employees shall be able to communicate openly with management regarding working conditions without having to fear reprisal, intimidation, or harassment.” Moreover, we also believe that NXP breached the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Guidelines for Multi-National Corporations on Business Conduct. We denounce the Philippine Government through the Department of Labor and Employment and the Philippine Economic Zone Authority for not acting on the labor and human rights violations committed by NXP management. While it is the duty of the state to protect the rights of its people such as right to work, job security and just wages as a guarantee for social justice, the government completely promotes the policy of NXP and other multinational enterprises- to implement 100% contractual employment with the cheapest wages and “No Union, No Strike Policy.” It is worth mentioning that NXP, just like other multinational corporations, are given VIP treatment such as income tax holiday, 100% corporate tax exemption, tax free and duty free on importation of raw materials, production equipment, export tax exemption and exemption from expanded withholding tax. RESPECT RIGHT TO WORK Thus, as enshrined in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, “the States Parties to the present Covenant recognize the right to work, which includes the right of everyone to the opportunity to gain his living by work which he freely chooses or accepts, and will take appropriate steps to safeguard this right. We call on the Philippine Government to make all necessary means to: Stop the union busting at NXP. Reinstate all illegally dismissed union leaders of NXP without any condition and retaliation. Immediately resume the collective bargaining agreement where workers’ demands are granted. Respect the people’s right to work. Stop contractualization and labor flexibilization. UNITY AND SOLIDARITY Finally, we believe that the experience of NXP workers is not different from the experience of other workers who were victimized by the same policy of labor flexibilization under the neoliberal globalization. It is the same policy that violated the rights of the workers of Toyota Motors, Print Town, Advan Shoes, Philippine Airlines, Hoya Glass Disk, Carina Apparel, Triumph International, Pentagon Steel Corporation, ABS CBN, Visayan Electric Company, Dole Philippines and many workers around the world. It is also the same policy that evicted and demolished urban poor communities and displaced peasants in the countryside. Under the call “Defend our rights. Denounce labor flexibilization and globalization. Fight for genuine development and social justice.”, we call for strong unity and solidarity to our fellow workers and people all over Philippines and around the world. ###

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